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Free Diamond Level E-Classified at
Use this SECURE form to order a Print Classified Ad for 1 issue (3 months), 2 issues (6 months - Save 10%), or 4 issues (1 year - Save 20%). Discounts are included in prices in order form. Rate is $3.00 per word per issue, with 15 word minimum. First 4 words of Ad are bolded and CAPITALIZED free, and additional Bold and CAPITALIZED words can be purchased. Please note: Each word, group of letters, abbreviation and zip code count as 1 word. All copy subject to Publisher's approval.

* DUE DATES FOR CLASSIFIED ADS: These ads must be ordered and received by the close of business on the Monday after the "Material Due Date" for each print magazine issue (See Issue/Closing Dates of Print Magazine ).

FREE E-CLASSIFIED: Order a print Classified Ad and receive a FREE "DIAMOND" Level E-Classified Ad at the HBM EXPO: . After you purchase and pay for your print classified ad with this online order form, go to the EXPO and use promotional code "Diamond" to order a DIAMOND E-Classified.
HBM Print Classified Ads Offer:
  • Low Minimums – Only 15 words - $3.00 per word. As Low As $45!
  • Two Months per issue
  • Discount Savings: 2 issues–10% off, 4 Issues–20% off
  • Bold - $.50/word/issue. CAPITALIZE - $.50/word/issue. First 4 words Bolded/Capitalized Free. 
  • Add Box around Ad: $10 per issue.
  • Add color shading to Box: $10.00/issue: yellow, orange, red, blue, green, pink, purple, tan Color Shading - Add a Box and then color shade the Box. 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! Cancel anytime and receive a full refund on the unused portion of your order.
  • FREE Digital Circulation

FREE Digital/Internet Circulation for Print Classifieds:

In addition to print magazine circulation, here is FREE additional Digital Circulation for all classified advertisers (
* Inclusion in the DIGITAL EDITION of the print magazine. All web site addresses in Classified Ads are “Hyper-Linked” (
* Inclusion in the
iPad/iPhone custom App (digital version of print magazine)
* ONE FULL YEAR of Advertising Results! Through the DIGITAL EDITION, your Classified Ad will continue to receive RESPONSES for at least one year.

To see how Classified Ads appear in a Print Magazine issue, open a DIGITAL EDITION and view the Classified Ads section in the back of a magazine issue.

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