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728 X 90 Banner Ad - Leaderboard

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Please use this secure form to order a 728X90 (Leaderboard) Banner Ad. Select duration (1 Month, 2 Months, or 3 Months) or impressions (10K, 20K, or 30K). Prices include DISCOUNTS for increased durations of time (2 months-Save 5%; 3 months-Save 10%) or impressions (20K-Save 5%; 30K-Save 10%). 

Banner Ad Material/Specifications: All industry standard formats including jpg, gif, animated.gif, HTML, Rich-Media-Enabled, Flash.swf (embed URL link into code). Home Business Online can design a Banner Ad for you (select that option on order form). You can upload banner material in this order form or email it to: [email protected] 

Home Business Online is Fully RESPONSIVE: Website (including Banner Ads) adjust to size of a mobile device viewing screen, whether full desktop, tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, or other mobile viewing device size.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Cancel anytime and receive a full refund on the unused portion of your order.

For questions, email [email protected]

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