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SHOWCASE Your Business in the Home Business EXPOSample Listing

Showcase Listings Display Above Premium Listings in all search results! 

It's easy to upload your EXPO Listing, through the user-friendly EXPO member portal. You can configure your EXPO Listing within minutes. 

After you Complete this Order, Your Home Business EXPO Team will immediately:
  • Configure an EXPO account for you
  • Configure your EXPO Listing
  • Email to you login information for the EXPO Listing
  • You can then log in and Upload your EXPO Listing and update it at any time! You have full control over ALL Listing content.
Your EXPO Listing provides: * Full Business Description, Data & Contact info * Images and Videos * Social Media promotions * SEO & Keywords * Reviews (that you control!) * Multiple Categories * Communicate Direct with Respondees * Location Display Optional (all fields optional!) * Geographically Target Your Listing * Full Traffic and Performance Reporting * Technical Support from HB Expo Staff

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Cancel anytime and receive a full refund on the unused portion of your order.

SHOWCASE Your Business with a Listing on the Home Business EXPO!
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