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Post your content as Sponsored Content at Home Business Online, with maximum HOME PAGE visibility. Sponsored Content can include an article post or video. Sponsored Content has the same look, format and appearance as other content within Home Business Online. After end of duration purchased, your Sponsored Content post will stay on the website for at least ONE YEAR. Sponsored Content also receives social media promotion!

The staff of HBM Online can assist you in editing and finalizing your sponsored content. This can include selecting attractive images to go with your content, editing content for readability and effectiveness, and improving headlines – all at the discretion of the advertiser. 

Sponsored Content Material: For an article, email your editorial with any images to editor@homebusinessmag.com.  For a Video, email a link to the YouTube video (preferred) or email the video file to editor@homebusinessmag.com.  HBM Online accepts all common video formats. You can also include editorial content to go with your video.

Pricing: $300 per month

Duration: 1 Month (frequency discounts applied for increased durations)

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